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STEM Night at Echo Hill Elementary

Echo Hill Elementary School kept its doors open and lights on to host its annual Echo Hill PTO STEM Night. This spring Friday event welcomed a number of presenters from local businesses and community members to give Kindergarten through Fifth Graders vivid experiences in support of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Paw Control Wildlife Solutions led three sessions titled "It's a Noisy World!" Our activity explored how sounds are used by people and animals alike to communicate messages with meaning.

Students tapped away with Boomwhackers to create musical notes as their parents tried to guess the song they played.

Did you know Paw Control was at the 2018 Echo Hill STEM Night? Read about it here. Parents weren't off the hook! They too got their hands on the Boomwhackers as their kids tried to guess the melody.

We then listened to a number of sound clips of wild animals that are common to our neighborhoods. Students listened and worked together to identify what wildlife made the sound. We then discussed why these animals make these sounds, and what we can do to keep safe as we enjoy the sounds of our (very local) world.

Why does Echo Hill put on a STEM event each year? Says Amanda DeSalvo, parent of three children and PTO member, "Echo Hill STEM Night is such a fun experience for our students and their families. It gives them an opportunity to see real life applications of different STEM related activities. We love seeing all different parts of the community, from high school students, naturalists, student doctors, traffic engineers, college science majors, and more, come together to teach and inspire our students. My kids look forward to STEM Night every year!"

High-fives to all the Echo Hill students who spent their evening exploring the many areas of science!


Joe Taylor, M.S. Science Education, B.S. Biology, is a full time nuisance wildlife control operator in Eastern Iowa, and owner of Paw Control, LLC. Follow him on Twitter: @pawcontroller at LinkedIn, or the Paw Control blog:

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