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Do you know a group who would like to have us speak?


Many groups have benefited from an educational presentation on a number of wildlife topics:


Realtor Agents: How do you navigate the sale of a home or building when an inspector uncovers a history of wildlife activity? When do you need a wildlife service involved, and when do you not need this service?


Home Inspectors: How do you make a positive ID based upon limited wildlife evidence? How do you establish the extent and history of activity? What do buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders expect to be included in the report?


Homeowner Associations: What are the unique risks and concerns when wildlife take up residence in a property shared by multiple owners? What are the best practices when wildlife activity seems to be limited to a few owners' properties?


Clubs and Philanthropy Organizations: What are the times and seasons when various wildlife are most likely to intrude? What can you resolve on your own and what is best left to a professional? What species is causing this damage?


Public and Private Schools: How has learning science in school translated into a career in nuisance wildlife work? How do the activities of people impact the habitats of wildlife? What is it like to operate a small business in nuisance wildlife work?


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